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DUV LED Sterilized Humidifier Introduction of Products

Product Description

DUV LED Sterilized Humidifier Introduction of Products

DUV LED sterilization humidifier adopts the latest international achievements high-tech UVC280 band ultraviolet rays. The functions of ultraviolet and ultrasonic can effectively sterilize and block the spread of germs in the air, and provide more healthy fresh air for most users. 

Product Features:

· European and American unique design, stylish furnishings, beautiful and practical.

· Multifunctional free combination to meet different requirements of the users:

· Timing control:meet the user’s demand to close the humidification control regularly

· The fog volume can be controlled

· Safety control: Shortage of water or lifting water tank will stop sterilizing lamp working.

· DUV LED sterilizing lamp can eliminate bacteria in the water, so that the mist is more fresh and clean.


· Water protection: when there is insufficient water inside the machine, the machine automatically stops spraying, UVC-LED germicidal lamp stop working, while the buzzer alarms 3 times, the LED flashes until shut down or re-addition of water.

· Water tank protection: lifting the water tank machine will automatically stop spraying, also UVC-LED sterilization will stop working, while the buzzer alarms 3 times, the LED keeps flashing, simply reposition back to the water tank.

· UV sterilization function: There is UVC-LED located next to the spraying oscillator, which can effectively destroy bacteria in water. Blue light can be seen during sterilizing lamp works. Shortage of water or lifting water tank will stop sterilizing lamp working.

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Specific Operation Methods

1. Turn on

    Touch “ON/OFF” buttonthe light of ON/OFFUV and  H indicator can be seen, the machine starts spraying. Blue light can be seen during sterilizing lamp works.

2. Timing setting 

Touch“TIMER ”buttonset the timingtouch once, the time will add more one hoursthe longest timing can be 7 hours. Choose the time you need and stop touching, the machine will start setting. While the buzzer alarms 3 time, the timing will be over. The machine automatically stops spraying, UVC-LED germicidal lamp stop working.

3. Spray range setting

Touch“MIST” buttonspray can be setthree gears are optional. These gears can be chose through touching the button continuously.  

H range, continuous high-grade spray, spray a large quantity

L range, continuous low-grade spray, spray a small amount

I range , intermittent spray mode, continuous high-grade spray for half an hour, then stop for half an hour, cycle spray.


1The tank must be equipped with the right amount of water and is completely embedded into the filter cover and the base. When the machine is tilted , the water will overflow or will be backflow into the machine and destroy the machine.

2. The machine should keep the horizontal position when it works.

3. There is UVC-LED germicidal lamp in the spray oscillator, do not touch it with a sharp object to avoid damaging the quartz glass which will result in leakage and risk of short circuit.

4. When it shutdowns , please unplug the power supply in order to maintain the native life and work performance.


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