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DUV LED Toothbrush Sterilizer Product Introduction:

Product Description

DUV LED Toothbrush Sterilizer Product Introduction:

Health knowledge

Dental experts tested the toothbrush people used and did the bacterial culture, then found out hemolytic streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria, pneumobacillus, escherichia coli, staphylococcus living in the toothbrush. After testing, dentists find out that using a toothbrush three weeks, the number of bacteria is up to one million, equal to the amount of bacteria in 29pcs a dollar coin, and the amount of bacteria is 80 times more than the toilet water. These bacteria take advantage of daily brushing our teeth to invade the human body by eating the food or gingival mucosa and oropharyngeal mucosa injured, even though there is no oral mucosa wounds, large number of bacteria attached to the teeth mix with the food in the process of chewing, and eventually into the body. It will lead to the gingivitis, chronic pharyngitis, stomatitis and other diseases, and oral diseases can cause or aggravate heart disease, stomach problems,diabetes, cardiovascular disease and joint disease and complications.

Maintaining good hygiene habit can minimize the chance of toothbrush to breed bacteria, but can not prevent the breeding of bacteria fundamentally, large number of bacteria on the toothbrush will pose a threat to human health. To prevent the bacteria on the toothbrush endanger people , at least every quarter we should relace the toothbrush. But due to the bacteria on the toothbrush will come back even one or two days, so toothbrush sterilization is even more critical.

Currently on the market what we can buy the toothbrush sanitizer boxes adopted cold cathode germicidal lamp (a mercury lamp) as a core component of sterilization. " DUV LED Toothbrush Sterilizer" use UVC and UVA as ultraviolet light source, compared to mercury, there are obvious advantages.

Technical Tips: UV LED disinfection principle

Ultraviolet sterilization is the result of centuries-proven serious scientific conclusions. UVC ultraviolet can penetrate deep inside the bacteria, viruses, fungus, spores and microorganisms cells, damage DNA or RNA base pairs, affect DNA replication ability, so as to achieve sterilization effect. It is known for killing microorganisms common physical technology. Although UV LED output is low power, but chip surface outputing the intensity of light is a thousand times than mercury. At close range applications, a variety of viruses and bacteria can be eliminated in a shorter period. No chemical disinfection of side effects, drug-resistant and secondary pollution problems, It is the real energy saving disinfection technology.

Product Feature:

l UVC LED sterilization, immediate and efficient, within 2 minutes can achieve sterilization rate of 99.9%, the cold cathode lamp needs 6-8 minutes.

l UV LED passed RoHS, free of heavy metals, such as mercury.

l physical sterilization, no pollution, non-toxic side effects.

l LED low power consumption, saving battery consumption, compared with the traditional cold cathode lamps ,80% energy saving.

l switch (105Hz or more frequency modulation), instant start, dimmable, which makes UV LED's lifespan is much longer than a mercury lamp.

high surface brightness output,which is thousands times than mercury at the

Product Function:

l LED low power consumption, saving battery consumption,save the cost.

l safety, ultraviolet only can penetrate quartz glass, using other materials.

observation window can effectively shield ultraviolet .

l easy operation, LED display the indicator, automatically power off.

l portable for home use or travelling.

l Different models,meet different levels of consumption.

Product Pictures

Product Accessories: 





PC plastic

Input voltage









2Pcs AAA




a) In the back of the toothbrush sterilizer, insert two AAA batteries.

b) Put in the toothbrush, make sure the brush head toward to the deep UV LED. 

c) Closing lid, disinfection process will start up automatically and stop after 2 minutes.

d) Put the toothbrush into the sterilizer, drying the water of toothbrush head as much as possible. 

e) After disinfection, without waiting, the toothbrush can be used immediately.

f) Drip tray can be easily removed, cleaned and re-implantation.


a) Under DUV LED working, should avoid directly point to human eyes and bodys (product design has already taken into account the security).

b) This product has a splash-proof but not waterproof design, do not immerse in water or other liquid.

c) Do not mix the new and old battery .

d) Do not let the children under 5 years old touch.

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